Isla del Sol – Lago Titicaca

Welcome to Isla del Sol, an island in Lake Titicaca with Aymara population. Our island of extraordinary colors that awake an imposing sensation of calm.

The Isla del Sol is the greatest experience of Lake Titicaca due to its mystical nature and for which it is considered the sacred island of the sun. It has been the origin of countless myths, was the birthplace of the first Incas Manco Kapac and Mama Ocllo.

You can visit the sacred staircase south of the Island of the Sun, as well as appreciate other ancient stone steps called Sajjsamani and which lead to the so-called water fountains, which are three, with jets of water from which there is continuously clear water. nice. The water arrives by subterranean passages from sources until now unknown and whose flow never diminishes.

You can also see the Ruins of Pilcocaina, or Inca Palace, on the edge of the Isla del Sol. Because of its proximity to the water’s edge, it was visited by all travelers from the 19th century who arrived in the area, who were surprised by the Spectacular view to the Illampu that is appreciated from there. 

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